Borders of Eby Eden
- Bordoodle Puppies-
Creston, Ohio

Borders of Eby Eden

 -Border Collies & Bordoodles-

Borders of Eby Eden

I want a bordoodle puppy!

Bordoodle puppies are so cute!

Puppy Pricing 

  • Traditional Black and White Bordoodle: $2000
  • Blue Merle, Red Merle, Tricolored, or Red & White Bordoodle: $2500

Effective May 9, 2021 all puppies will be $2750 (regardless of gender, color/markings, etc.

I want a puppy...What do I do?

Bordoodles combine the two most intelligent dog breeds to make an intelligent and lovable combination! Borders of Eby Eden has a simple process for you to bring your Bordoodle home: 

1. Submit a Puppy Application: this gives us information about you and your puppy's potential forever home.

2. We will review your puppy application and contact you by Email or phone to discuss available bordoodle puppies or upcoming litters. At this time you will pay the $500 non-refundable deposit which secures a puppy for you (likely from a future litter). 

3. Once puppies are born, you will select your puppy in the order your deposit was received (e.g. first individual to make deposit has first choice from litter) . During this time you can set up a time to visit us at Eby Eden! We are conveniently located in Northeast Ohio within easy driving distance of many locations in the midwest! Should you decide none of the puppies in the current litter are a good fit for your family, you can choose to defer your deposit to a puppy in a future litter. Our goal is for your puppy to be a good fit for your family!

4. You will receive weekly "pupdates" about your puppy while he/she continues to grow. Pupdates include pictures, videos, and updates on your bordoodle. During the time between selecting your puppy and bringing him/her home, we will provide you with a contract to review and sign which outlines the mutually agreed upon terms.

5. At 8 weeks of age, puppies are ready to go to their forever homes. You can visit Eby Eden to pick up your new furry friend or we can provide you with delivery options at an additional cost to the buyer. We will communicate with you after you have selected your puppy to confirm individual transport details/

6. Enjoy your dog!! We will add you to our Eby Eden Bordoodle Family Facebook group ("Keeping up with the Bordoodles of Eby Eden") so you can post updates of the fun adventures your puppy has in his/her new home. Also watch for updates from Eby Eden!