Borders of Eby Eden
- Bordoodle Puppies-
Creston, Ohio

Borders of Eby Eden

 -Border Collies & Bordoodles-

Puppy Socialization

One of the most common questions we get is about how our puppies are around other creatures (both human and four-legged). Research shows that exposing puppies to things at a young age is most effective in ease in situations later on in life. Our puppies are family raised and loved from day one. 

Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS)

Our puppies undergo Early Neurological Stimulation from Day 3 of Life- Day 16. ENS introduces mild stressors to puppies in a controlled method. The stresses help to stimulate the neurological system which improves the growth and development of the pup's immune system, cardiovascular system, and stress tolerance. 

ENS consists of 5 exercises: holding the puppy supine (on its back), holding the puppy with his head erect , holding the puppy with its head down, placing the puppy on a cool/frozen surface, stimulating the puppy's paw with a cotton swab.

Tactile stimulation to the paws with a cotton swab.

Head facing down, this causes a rush of blood to the puppies head and places mild stress on their body. 

Head held erect allows the pup's body to adjust to mild stress. ENS protocols help to develop well adjusted puppies that can handle stressful situations later on in life.

Placing the puppy on a frozen/cold surface allows the puppy to problem solve and deal with stress.

Puppy Culture/ Enrichment

We utilize Puppy Culture techniques to help give your puppy the best start! In addition to the ENS protocols, Puppy Culture also guides socialization and enrichment. Puppy Culture guides us through each week of the puppy's life with activities and enrichment to help us develop puppies who grow into confident and well adjusted dogs! Puppy Culture takes includes the first 12 weeks of life and you may be interested in watching Weeks 8-12 to guide you through your puppy's first weeks in your home! 


We are lucky to have lots of kids in our lives who love puppies and are always willing to help us socialize our puppies with youngsters. We have friends, nieces and nephews, neighbor's grandkids and many more kids who are always willing to come play with, pet, and love on our puppies. We try to expose our puppies both in groups and one-on-one with kids. This exposure at a young age helps our puppies be comfortable with kids and used to frequent touching, petting, and holding. Early exposure is key and once our puppies are vaccinated they around kids frequently! We screen our puppies temperaments to help match them to appropriate homes. While all of our puppies do well and are exposed to children, some are particularly fond of kids and the activity and affection they provide. We can help match puppies who will thrive around kids with families who have young children or houses with grandkids who visit frequently. 


We also work to expose our puppies to a variety of adults and personalities! Once they are vaccinated we take them on field trips to work, get togethers, and even to a local Nursing Home. It is important that they are exposed to different people and personalities. It is fun to watch how gentle they are with elderly nursing home residents and how much joy they can bring!

By taking them outside of our home we can expose them to different environments and even small differences such as different flooring textures. Being around different homes and environments and having a positive experience is a key to transitioning successfully to their forever home.


Puppies  can be extremely affected by different sounds and we try our best to expose them to different sounds they will most likely encounter later on in life. By playing videos with sound effects such as a car motor, fire works, a doorbell or other sound effects they can become comfortable with these noises. The hope is that with constant exposure to these noises they are less affected by the loud booms of fireworks and less inclined to bark continuously when the doorbell rings.

Tactile Stimulation

Puppies can be triggered by their sense of touch and we take steps to help with tactile stimulation. As tiny puppies and .before they ever open their eyes we begin touching them, rubbing their paws, bellies, faces, etc. This helps them become used to being touched and handled as they grow. We also expose them to different textures from grass, carpet, hardwoods, even snow. Exposing them to as many things as possible as puppies is important in creating a successful adult dog! We also bathe the puppies frequently as youngsters. This helps make them comfortable being washed, shampooed, and blown dry and can reduce future anxiety when visiting the groomer. 


We get lots of questions about the activity tolerance and endurance of bordoodles. People often want to know if their puppy might be able to handle hiking, boating, or other activities! The short answer is YES!! Bordoodles love activity and are always up for a challenge or physical activity. While the puppies are only with us for 8 short weeks, they go on to do awesome things with their new families! From hiking in the mountains, life on the lake, or even Skijoring our puppies have grown into dogs that embrace their family's lifestyle and love activity and stimulation!