Borders of Eby Eden
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Creston, Ohio

Borders of Eby Eden

 -Border Collies & Bordoodles-

Shipping and Delivery Options

Our priority when determining shipping and delivery options is to get your puppy to its forever home in a way that will be as stress free for the puppy as possible. The transition from our home to yours can be a stressful time as it is for the puppy, we try our best to provide options that are stress free and safe, which include:

Pick up: You pick your puppy up at our home in NE Ohio. There is no additional fee for this option and it generally the least stressful for the puppy. We will work with you to determine a mutually available date for you to visit and pick up your puppy.

Meet Halfway: If you live a farther distance from Eby Eden it is not always feasible for your family to travel the entire distance. We are happy to meet you halfway for delivery (within reason) at an agreed upon date/time/location for the puppy transfer.  Should severe weather occur on the day we are scheduled to meet we reserve the right to reschedule as needed. This option is based on availability, and not always feasible depending on our schedule. We charge a per mile fee to cover our gas, expenses, and time.  Contact us with information on your location to work out the specifics of this option.

Air Cargo Shipping: Many commercial airlines offer Cargo Shipping (in the belly of the plane) for dogs. For this option, we would drop the dog off at our closest Airport Cleveland Hopkins (CLE) and you would pick him/her up at the airport of your choice. This option can be extremely stressful on the pet and greatly affect their temperament, sleep/eating patterns, etc. Much like babies, puppies are young and very sensitive to changes in their environment and unaccompanied time in the cargo area can be very stressful. We are able to offer this option if it works best for you but want to be up front about the potential affects it may have on the puppy and their transition to their forever home. This option is typically between $300-$500 and includes the required vet exam to fly, airline approved kennel crate, and transportation costs. Contact us for an exact quote based on your location/date of travel.

Accompanied Air Travel: This option allows for one of us to fly with your puppy to an airport near you.  The puppy would fly accompanied by one of us and in a carrier under the seat. He/She can be exercised at the airport. You would then meet us at the airport to pick up the dog and we would fly home. The cost of this option is the cost of the same day round trip ticket (varies depending on dates/airports) plus the carry on pet fee of the airline (Varies; typically $90-$150). This option is subject to availability. 

Airport Pick Up: The option above can also be altered so that you are the one flying to pick up the dog and then returning with the puppy on your return flight home. We are happy to bring the puppy to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) or Akron Canton Airport (CAK). We can also arrange for delivery to Columbus Airport (CMH) at an additional fee as this is over an hour from our home. This is an excellent option for puppies going to homes outside of the United States (Canada) as entering the country with their owner is most efficient for entering the country. This option would include an additional fee for the cost of the vet exam needed to fly. We ask that you bring a kennel/carrier with you to carry the dog as you travel home. 

Ground Shipping: There are a variety of companies that offer ground transport for animals. Please contact us with your address and specific information including dates so that we can provide you with a quote for this option. 

We are happy to discuss alternative options that may be available! We want to help keep transportation costs as low as possible for you while also providing your puppy with a safe and stress free travel experience!

A Note about Car Travel: We have found that our puppies generally do fantastic in the car. This is likely do to the fact that we expose them to car travel early on short trips out and about.  It is important that you are prepared for your puppy to be in the car and can stop frequently to exercise and potty the puppy. We can provide you with more information on supplies we recommend and give you information on what works well for us when transporting puppies long distances.