Borders of Eby Eden
- Bordoodle Puppies-
Creston, Ohio

Borders of Eby Eden

 -Border Collies & Bordoodles-

Puppy Shopping List

Preparing for a puppy is a big job! The selection can be overwhelming and it is hard to know exactly what you will need for your puppy! We've outlined some of the most common essentials to help you get started! Some of these items are recommendations from past families as well as things we use on a regular basis here at Eby Eden! Feel free to reach out with questions about products and what you might need.

Puppy Basics


Your puppy will come to you with crate training so it is beneficial to continue this. Watch the Baxter & Bella lesson on Crate Sizing to see important adjustments to the crate as your puppy grows to optimize crate training!

Food and Water Bowls:

We recommend stainless steel as that is what we use and prevents contaminants for plastic particles that may enter your puppy’s water.

Dog Bed:

Exercise Pen:

Some families choose to put the dog bed in the puppies crate so they have something comfy to lay on. Others find it works well for the dog to have a bed they can lay in so they have a special spot to relax somewhere else in the house. Washing the bed in your detergent prior to your puppy's arrival can facilitate bonding through scent!

ID Tag & Collar: 

Your puppy will come with a basic puppy collar but will need a larger one to grow into. Many people are surprised by how small the puppy is at pick up. Usually the puppy fits into an XS- S size collar (approximately 8-12 inches) at 8 weeks of age. 

Exercise Pens are great for giving your puppy a defined space to be active. We give our puppies a set up with their crate surrounded by an exercise pen. This is perfect for when you leave the puppy at home… we find they often nap in their crate and come out to play while they’re awake and active!


Keep your puppy on a leash at all times when out and about as he/she adjusts. Once you develop a bond and trust with your puppy, you can begin off-leash training.

Toys & Treats

Chicken Pot Pie Treats:

Our dogs love these treats and are very motivated by them! :) 


Kongs are great for keeping your pup occupied. Baxter & Bella has great recommendations for splitting your pups food up to include a daily kong! 

Treat Puzzles:

Your smart pup will have this treat puzzle figured out in no time at all!


Chris Christensen Brush:

A great brush for every day coat maintenance!

Wet Brush:

This brush is made for humans but works great for dogs as well! 

Slicker Brush:

This slicker brush is great for fluffing your puppies legs, ears, etc!