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Welcome! We are a family of four raising gentle and lovable bordoodle, borderdoodle, or "borderpoo" puppies on our beautiful property we fondly refer to as "Eby Eden". Interested in a bordoodle or "borderpoo" puppy? Check out our current puppies on our Current Puppies Page and see our FAQ page for answers to all your questions! We are located in Northeast Ohio but puppies can be delivered anywhere in the United States and we have puppies thriving across the country!

Good Dog Certified Breeder

The Miller Family   |   330-464-9279   |

Bordoodle Puppy
Merle Bordoodle

Even before we put a deposit down for a puppy, Borders of Eby Eden was very responsive to questions (and I had a lot of them being a rookie dog owner!). They put so much time and care into their litters and post lots of pictures and videos so you are able to watch your puppy through the whole process. You can tell they adore their puppies and provide amazing care and socialization. Highly recommend!!

The Mandrick Family

Holland, MI

Badass Breeder
Avidog Training
Embark Tested
Puppy Culture
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