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Meet the Moms

retired as of 1/2023

Libby is an absolutely gorgeous blue merle border collie. She is gentle, laid back, and sweet. She has beautiful markings with touches of red as well as one ice blue and one green eye. 


Fun Fact: Libby loves belly rubs and when she wants one she will lay on her back until we rub her tummy!


  • Weight: 34 lb

  • Past Offspring Colors: blue merle, red merle, red, & black and white

  • Registration: American Border Collie Association

  • Health Testing:

    • Border Collie Panel through Paw Print Genetics 

as of 7/2023

Echo is a beautiful black and white border collie. She is lovable and friendly! Echo has been involved in frisbee and lure tracking. She is especially good at lure tracking, and has won several titles in it. Echo loves to hike, play, and love on her people! Her puppies are typically the classic black and white or red and white bordoodles many of our families are fond of! 


Fun Fact: Echo is obsesssed with her frisbee. When out for potty breaks, she sits and looks at her frisbee until we throw it for her!


  • Weight: 31 lb

  • Genetic Testing:

    • Border Collie Panel via Animal Genetics

    • OFA Hips- Good

    • OFA Elbows- Normal

  • Registration: American Kennel Club, American Border Collie Association

Sweet Annie 
retired as of 2023

Annie is a bright eyed and friendly Tri-Colored border collie. She absolutely loves people...especially children! Prior to becoming a part of the Eby Eden family, Annie was shown in confirmation and obedience competitions. She is very polite and is a Certified AKC Canine Good Citizen. We love her sweet and friendly temperament!

Fun Fact: Annie's favorite snack is a hot dog (fresh off the grill, of course!)


  • Weight: 39 lb

  • Genetic Testing:

    • Border Collie Panel via Paw Print Genetics

    • OFA Thyroid- Pending

  • Registration: American Kennel Club, American Border Collie Association


Viki is an affectionate and intelligent atypical Blue Merle  border collie! Vicki loves human interaction and would be on your lap at all times if possible. Viki has bright ice blue eyes and is a very perky gal!

Fun Fact: Viki was raised in the California Sunshine, but she loves running and playing in our Ohio snow!


  • Weight: 33 lb

  • Genetic Testing:

    • Border Collie Panel through Paw Print Genetics

  • Registration: American Kennel Club (AKC)

Independence "Indy"

Indy is a sweet and loving red merle border collie with electric blue eyes. She is a happy gal and her tongue is always hanging out of her mouth! She is an "up and coming" female in our program.

Fun Fact: Indy's favorite snack is chick-fil-a nuggets! They're the perfect reward after she's a well-behaved girl at the vet!


  • Weight: 37 lb

  • Genetic Testing:

    • Clear Border Collie Panel through Animal Genetics

    • OFA Eyes- (clear/normal)

  • Registration: American Kennel Club (AKC)

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