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What should I feed my puppy?

We've trialed many different brands and types of food for our dogs in the quest for the best option for our dogs: Life's Abundance All Lifes Stages Food. We have seen many benefits first hand in our dogs, including overall improved gut health, healthier coats, decreased shedding (in our purebred border collies), and much more! We strongly believe that feeding your puppy nutritious food from the start gives them a healthy start! You will receive a starter pack of food to get your puppy started in their new home. We recommend enrolling in the autoship program to have your puppy's food delivered to your doorstep! 

Set up Autoship

Life's Abundance has a convenient Autoship Program which sets up regular deliveries to your door. No need to worry about running out of dog food and having to make an emergency trip to the store. We've found the autoship to be extremely reliable!

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