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A Puppy's journey at Eby Eden

As breeders, we're tasked with giving each puppy we're entrusted with the very best start! This is not a commitment we take lightly. We spend much time researching and learning to constantly improve our puppy curriculum, and ensure your puppy is receiving everything they need to be the best puppy and grow into a well adjusted adult dog! We combine a variety of programs and curriculums (Puppy Culture, Avidog University, Bad Ass Breeder, etc.) to make sure your puppy gets the best start. We do our best to keep you updated with each step of your puppy’s life. From the minute their mom’s pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound to the day they join your family, we want you to be a part of each step of the journey! Here is a recap of that journey and the socialization and development exercises we implemented to make your puppy the best dog they can be!


Once the female dog goes into heat, we begin testing their progesterone level to determine the optimal time for breeding. Once they reach the peak progesterone level, they have a date with one of our studs!

Pregnancy Confirmation

Approximately one month after breeding, our mamas visit the reproductive vet (Animal Clinic Northview) for an ultrasound. The ultrasound confirms pregnancy, and gives us our first glimpse of the puppies. The vets at ACNV are some of the best in the world when it comes to canine reproduction. Despite the fact that ultrasound is not accepted as a means for puppy count, the vets can also give us a relatively accurate predicition of the number of puppies in a litter.


Our mama dogs are treated like queens as they grow your sweet puppy! They get their favorite treats and special meals. We also shower them with lots of physical affection and massages! Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that the puppy's of mothers who received physical affection during their pregnancy are more outgoing and better adjusted? A week or so before the expected due date, our mama dogs have an x-ray. At this stage, the puppies' skeletons are visible on x-ray and we can count the number of puppies. Our reproductive vet reviews the x-ray to make sure everything looks good and we know how many pups to expect in anticipation of a safe delivery!


We monitor mama very closely as she approaches her due date. Giving birth in dogs is referred to as "whelping". When labor is imminent, a mother's temperature drops, so we monitor the female's temperature closely. We're on hand to monitor delivery and step in to help mama if necessary. The miracle of life is evident when a puppy is born and it is heartwarming to see the instant bond between a mother and her puppies. At birth, each puppy is assigned a collar color, we weigh them, and record their gender and markings. As soon as we're able, we reach out to our waiting list families to share the good news!

Neonatal Period (0-14 days)

During this time, we monitor each puppy closely to make sure he/she is thriving. They are weighed twice daily to ensure they're gaining weight. Puppies receive Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS)  on days 3 - 16. Early Neurological Stimulation is a process that introduces mild stresses to very young puppies in a controlled way. These stresses help stimulate the neurological system which improves the growth and development of the pup's immune system, cardiovascular system, and stress tolerance. During this period, the mother dog keeps the puppies nourished through nursing, stimulates them to eliminate through licking, and cleans up after them by consuming their waste.

Watch this video (from Puppy Culture) to learn more about ENS and its benefits!

A Litter of Puppies enjoying their fist tastes of kibble!

Transitional Period (Days 14-21)

This is a transformative stage for the puppies and they turn from “fur dumplings” into something that begins to resemble a dog! Their eyes open, their teeth emerge, and they begin to hear. Once the puppies stand up and walk, a litter box is added to their space to begin the potty training process. A few days later, the puppies are introduced to their first dog food! New novelty items are added to the whelping box each day to provide exposure to common items (a traffic cone, shoe, soccer ball, etc.). We continue to handle the puppies on a daily basis and begin our 10 Step Handling Exercise so that they’re accustomed to being touched and handled later on in life.

Exercise, Enrichment, & Stimulation (3 Weeks)

During this stage, Startle/ Recovery exercises are done daily until puppies stop startling at noises. Puppies have lots of play time and we continue the Ten Step Handling exercises to ensure they are used to being handled! They start to meet new people and new toys are introduced daily. They also get exposure to grooming practices with baths and nail trims.

First Bath Time for Puppies-- important socialization during this stage!

Enrichment & Early Communication (4 Weeks)

A Puppy Party is one of our favorite socialization events! Friends and Family of all ages help us socialize the puppies

As litter box training progresses, their living area is expanded to include more areas for play. The pups are given problem solving tasks, and socialization is continued (lots of visitors to play with!). They learn to climb over and around increasingly larger obstacles and barriers and they use uneven surfaces, ramps, etc. New sounds, smells, surfaces, motions, etc. are introduced and puppies play with the puppy playground, games, and ball pit. Car rides and exposure to safe adult dogs begins. This is one of our favorite stages, everything is so new and exciting to these little ones!

Learning Lessons (5-7 Weeks)

Once the puppies can take treats, we teach them “The Communication Trinity” from Puppy Culture, which is basically: “Mark, Offer, and Mand.” We increase the difficulty of challenges for the puppies with obstacles and barriers. They are spending the night in their crates, going on car rides, having individual human time, using the “litter” box and going outside (weather permitting). We also do lots of routine grooming such as nail trims, baths and brushing to get your puppy used to being groomed. The puppies visit the vet for the first time for their six week examination. Temperament testing is conducted to help us understand each puppy’s personality and find the forever family that is the best fit for them . Puppies are chosen by the forever families on Selection Day!

Puppies are socialized to common household items and sounds! Watch a past litter meet the robot vacuum!

Continued Learning (7-8 Weeks)

During this stage, the puppies continue to meet people, other dogs, go on individual adventures and car rides. They are having individual training/play sessions and enjoy lots of play and fun with their littermates. We continue to give the puppies exposure to grooming activities such as having their nails trimmed, getting baths and the puppies also have their microchips implanted during this time. The puppies have their second vet visit and get their first set of vaccinations. At the end of all this comes the very best part - the puppy joins their new family!

Bordoodles are incredibly smart which makes training fun. We work with puppies individually on some basic commands. Here is Merida an 8 week old puppy demonstrating "sit" and "lay"!

Tag, You're It!

We've spent 8 weeks pouring lots of love, training, and experiences into your puppy. Not only do you get to take your puppy home on Go Home Day, you also get the responsibility of making sure their socialization and training is continued in their first 8 weeks at home! The first 16 weeks of a puppy's life are so important! On Go Home Day, we will give you tools and resources to continue what we started to make sure your pup has an epic start in life!

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