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I want a bordoodle puppy!

Adoption Fee:


Standard F1 Bordoodle

**There is no price difference for coat color, eye color, gender, etc.***

Watch a puppy's journey at Eby Eden from birth to going home with his/her new family!

The Puppy Adoption Process:

Bordoodles combine the two most intelligent dog breeds to make an intelligent and lovable combination! Borders of Eby Eden has a simple process for you to bring your Bordoodle home!

Complete a Puppy Application

this gives us information about you and your puppy's potential forever home

Submit a deposit to secure your Selection Spot!

We will review your application and reach out to accept your $500 deposit The deposit is applied towards the final balance of your puppy.

Select your puppy on Selection Day!

Stay updated on our litters through our Pupdates! Once it's your turn to select a puppy, we'll reach out to set up a selection time (virtual or in person) and share information about our current litter. 

Bring your puppy home!

We will provide you with lots of information and tools to make sure your puppy's transition to their new home is smooth! We love receiving photos and videos of our pups loving life with their forever familes!

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