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Visiting Eby Eden

We love welcoming our Puppy's families to Eby Eden! Many of our families who are coming from further away like to make Puppy Pick Up into a fun long weekend. Here's some information to help you plan your visit to our neck of the woods!

Where to Stay 

Medina has a picturesque downtown with lots of fun shops &  dining! 

We're located in rural Wayne County, OH. You'll notice lots of farms on your trip to us- there are actually more cows than people in our county!

Our home is located in Creston, OH which is between the larger cities of Wooster and Medina. Here are some nearby lodging options:

What to Do

Where to Eat:


  • Broken Rocks Cafe & Bakery

  • The City Square Steakhouse

  • Muddy's

  • The Granary at Pine Tree Barn

  • Basil Asian Bistro

  • Spoon Market & Deli

Seville/ Medina:

  • Sparky's Pizza 

  • El Patron

  • The Oaks

  • Pickle Mama's

Amish Country:

  • Rebecca's Bistro

  • Park Street Pizza

  • Lem's Pizza

  • Mrs. Yoder's Kitchen

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