Reservation List

  1. Wharton Family 

  2. Hebrank Family

  3. Pat G.

  4. Connor C.

  5. Hall Family

  6. Alex D. (**repeat customer)

  7. Margo S.

  8. Filbert Family (**repeat customer)

  9. Rebecca & Kimble

  10. Floess Family

  11. Dorr Family

  12. Jarrod M.

  13. S & M Miller Family


List order is based on date of deposit (first to deposit = first to select)

Last Updated 1/24/22

Puppy Reservation List

reserve your puppy today!

We accept a $500 Reservation Fee (applied to purchase price) to reserve your spot in the selection process for one of our sweet bordoodle puppies! Our puppies are selected by the families around 6-7 weeks of age after they have undergone a Temperament Evaluation! This allows us to facilitate the best match between each puppy and their new family,


We work off of a Wait List, so the best way to guarantee the puppy of your dreams (gender, coloring, etc.) is to place a deposit in advance. 


Current Wait Time:
3-6 months

Please understand that the exact wait time for a puppy can vary and is heavily dependent on Mother Nature (which can be unpredictable!). Your wait time may be shorter than anticipated. We appreciate your patience and flexibility!

We can't wait to work with you through the puppy adoption process! We pride ourselves in making this an interactive, educational, and enjoyable experience!

The Miller Family

We understand that sometimes circumstances change from time to time for families in between the time you join our waiting list and the time you are offered a puppy. You can choose to defer your deposit up to 3 times before becoming  "inactive" . If you defer your deposit for >1 year, the final price of the puppy will be updated to the current puppy pricing as the cost of raising puppies increases. In all other cases, the price of the puppy at the time you place your deposit is honored.