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Meet the Miller Family

Hello! We're the Miller Family: Mike, Robin, Hannah, and Halle, a family of four raising Bordoodles puppies! We reside in Northeast Ohio on a piece of property we fondly refer to as "Eby Eden" for its picturesque and lush setting nestled in the farm fields of Wayne County.


Borders have been a part of our family for more than thirty years and we love being able to share them with others through this venture. The crossbreed of poodles and Border Collies creates an intelligent and adorable offspring that we are excited to be able to offer to our customers. Please fill out a Puppy Application and we will contact you to help guide you through the process of adding a new furry family member to your life!

Border Collies are renowned for their ability to herd sheep. We are lucky to raise Southdown Sheep at Eby Eden which gives our borders the opportunity to do what they do best: herd sheep! We love welcoming visitors to Eby Eden, so feel free to contact us to set up a time to see the puppies and experience Life at Eby Eden!


When we're not enjoying our sheep and dogs we enjoy traveling to new places and working together to maintain the gardens on our property. Many Saturdays we can be found weeding and mulching together with the dogs by our side! Check out some of the photos below which show glimpses of the Borders in our life over the years! 

Weekend Market

We're a Team!

archie bench good pic.jpg


Mike runs an e-commerce business by day and is chief frisbee thrower in the evening! Our dogs love him and everyone's tail starts wagging when his truck pulls in the driveway. Mike is adamant about using lots of Clorox  when sanitizing the kennel and anything that comes in contact with our dogs. He is calm and level headed and keeps us all grounded throughout the sometimes stressful process of raising puppies!



Robin works part time as a paralegal and her days off are filled with vet appointments, trips to the groomer, and all things dog related! She may be found helping with feeding and day-to-day care as needed and is the motherly and encouraging voice you hear cheering our pups on as they try new things!



 Hannah is a pediatric nurse by day and oversees the medical side of this venture, often helping with dosing, etc. Hannah loves coming home after a busy day at the Hospital and relaxing by helping with "Puppy Preschool". She loves sharing that she was responsible for purchasing the puppy's sliding board and ball pit! Hannah jumps in to help with anything needed and sometimes this includes puppy updates and help  with communication.  



Is a full time college student who runs this venture! Our customers are amazed that she was diagnosed with a phobia of all dogs when she was 6. With lots of hard work, she overcame this fear to become a Bordoodle breeder. Halle's gentle temperament makes her a natural "puppy whisperer" who lovingly oversees this project with help and support from her family. She takes on much of the unglamorous parts of this venture including poop scooping, feeding, socialization, late night kennel checks, etc.  Halle also works part-time at the J.M. Smucker Company with the Milk-Bone brand.

The Good life with border collies over the years...

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