Borders of Eby Eden
- Bordoodle Puppies-
Creston, Ohio

Borders of Eby Eden

 -Border Collies & Bordoodles-

Borders of Eby Eden

Meet the Miller Family 

Hello! We're the Miller Family: Mike, Robin, Hannah, and Halle, a family of four raising Bordoodles puppies! We reside in Northeast Ohio on a piece of property we fondly refer to as "Eby Eden" for its picturesque and lush setting nestled in the farm fields of Wayne County.

Borders have been a part of our family for more than thirty years and we love being able to share them with others through this venture. The crossbreed of poodles and Border Collies creates an intelligent and adorable offspring that we are excited to be able to offer to our customers. Please fill out a Puppy Application and we will contact you to help guide you through the process of adding a new furry family member to your life!

Border Collies are renowned for their ability to herd sheep. We are lucky to raise Southdown Sheep at Eby Eden which gives our borders the opportunity to do what they do best: herd sheep! We love welcoming visitors to Eby Eden, so feel free to contact us to set up a time to see the puppies and experience Life at Eby Eden!

When we're not enjoying our sheep and dogs we enjoy traveling to new places and working together to maintain the gardens on our property. Many Saturdays we can be found weeding and mulching together with the dogs by our side! Check out some of the photos below which show glimpses of the Borders in our life over the years! 

Archie our first Border Collie
Border Collies are great family pets!
Border Collies love to herd