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Coat Colors

The genetics and results behind each of our puppy's coat color is a fascinating topic! Many of our puppies have coats similar to the traditional border collie coats and patterns, The addition of the poodle genetics can mix things up a bit. Information about each coat color is outlined on this page!

Our traditional black and white puppies are a favorite of many. They pay homage to the traditional black and white Border Collie that many of us fell in love with originally! Black and White puppies can have varying amounts of white in their coats. 

Black & White

Red & White

The red and white bordoodle is reminiscent of another beautiful border collie coloring. In border collies, a brown coat is referred to as "red". While more rare than the black and white bordoodle, the red and white bordoodle is stunning!

Blue Merle

The Blue Merle is a very unique coat, admired by many!  In a blue merle coat, the puppy has a black based coat that has been diluted by the merle gene, resulting in what looks like a black, silver, and gray coat. Careful genetic testing is required when breeding merle puppies to avoid the health concerns associated with a double merle puppy. Many of our past blue merle puppies have blue eyes or different colored eyes. 

Red Merle

The Red Merle coat is both beautiful and rare! In border collies, a coat that appears brown or chocolate is referred to as "red". In a red merle coat, the pup has a red and white based coat that is affected by the merle gene, resulting in a beautiful variegated coat! 


The black tricolor is a flashy coat that consists of a black base with white markings and tan points. 

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