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Puppy Shopping List

Preparing for a puppy is a big job! The selection of products can be overwhelming and it is hard to know exactly what you will need for your puppy! We've outlined some of the most common essentials to help you get started! Some of these items are recommendations from past families as well as things we use on a regular basis here at Eby Eden! Feel free to reach out with questions about products and what you might need.

Puppy Basics


Your puppy will come to you with crate training so it is beneficial to continue this. Watch the Baxter & Bella lesson on Crate Sizing to see important adjustments to the crate as your puppy grows to optimize crate training!

Dog Bed or Crate Mat

Some families choose to put the dog bed in the puppies crate so they have something comfy to lay on. Others find it works well for the dog to have a bed they can lay in so they have a special spot to relax somewhere else in the house. Washing the bed in your detergent prior to your puppy's arrival can facilitate bonding through scent!

Exercise Pen

Exercise Pens are great for giving your puppy a defined space to be active. We give our puppies a set up with their crate surrounded by an exercise pen. This is perfect for when you leave the puppy at home… we find they often nap in their crate and come out to play while they’re awake and active!

Food & Water Bowls

We recommend stainless steel as that is what we use and prevents contaminants for plastic particles that may enter your puppy’s water.

ID Tag

Your puppy will be micrcohipped, but it is a good idea to have a tag with your information attached to his/her collar. We also suggest checking with your city/county to determine how to register your pup for a dog license!


Your pup will come with a simple puppy release collar. You will want to purchase a new one for him/her and this is a fun activity for many families as they prepare for their pup to come home. Puppies will be a size XS collar (8-12 inches) at 8 weeks!


Many families have found a harness works great for their pup. At 8 weeks, the puppy's chest girth is approximately 10-14 inches (typically size XS or Small)


Keep your puppy on a leash at all times when out and about as he/she adjusts. Once you develop a bond and trust with your puppy, you can begin off-leash training.

Toys & Treats

Chicken Pot Pie Treats



Treat Puzzle

These are a favorite of our dogs! They can smell these treats from a distance and we use them as "high value" (as a reward for a more difficult trick or task) treats!

Great for keeping your pup occupied during his/her alone time! Kongs can be filled with kibble, peanut butter, kong paste, or more...the possibilities are endless! 

Another great activity for when your pup needs left alone while you're out and about! Spread with peanut butter or another tasty treat and let him/her enjoy. Licking is helpful in reducing anxiety in dogs as well!

Smart pups need smart toys! Let you dog demonstrate their intelligence with a treat puzzle. Start with some simple ones and advance!

Snuffle Mat

The Snuffle Mat is a great enrichment activity! Let your pup be challenged by searching for some snacks in his/her snuffle mat!

Treat Dispensing

A fun toy to keep your pup challenged! Fill it with kibble and let them figure it out!

Giggle Ball

Another fun and enriching toy to add to your pup's collection!

Squeaker Toys

An assorted collection of squeaker toys, rope pulls, etc! Having toys available in the first few months is especially important to redirect chewing/mouthing behaviors!

Grooming Tools

Chris Christensen Brush

While a little pricier than others on the market, this brush is great for everyday coat maintenance!

Slicker Brush

Great for brushing and fluffing your pup's legs, ears, etc!

Wet Brush

Made for humans but works great for doodles as well!

Toothbrush/ Toothpaste

A great tool to keep your pup's teeth clean and breath fresh. The kiddos love helping brush puppy teeth!

For Your Home

Dog Gates

Use these gates to keep your puppy contained while potty training. We recommend keeping pups away from carpet until trained!

Toy Box/Basket

We recommend keeping your puppy's toys in a box or basket. Many of our past pups have been trained to pick their toys up and put them away at the end of the day! 

Potty Bells

Many families have had a lot of success potty training their puppy using the bell method!

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