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Litter Box Training

Believe it or not, litter boxes aren't just for cats! We introduce our puppies to the litter box as soon as their mama stops cleaning up after them (and before they start eating solid kibble). Here's what litter box training does:

  • Teaches the puppy the idea of having a "potty spot" or defined area to do their business in. This can be easily transferred to a variety of potty training techniques!

  • Teaches the puppy the concept of keeping their environment clean.

  • Provides new families with an excellent potty set up to use when the puppy must stay at home alone. Using set up that includes a potty area allows the puppy to avoid having an "accident" but still be able to play in their exercise pen!


  • Litter Box: you can purchase a plastic dog litter box like this one. If you don't want to invest in a litter box, you can use any sort of plastic container or recycled container (even a recycled pizza bod will work) with low side (so the puppy can easily enter and exit the litter box). 

  • Litter Pellets: our favorites are these- Second Nature dog litter pellets. They have a nice fresh smell and your puppy will be used to them from their time with us. 

What to do:

Your puppy will come with 4+ weeks of litter box experience, so we anticipate they will pick up where they left off:

  • Place the litter box in their area when needed (i.e. you need to leave the house, overnight, etc.)

  • Keep its location in their area consistent. We've found that sometimes when we move the litter box, the puppies will continue to potty in its original location (smart dogs!)

  • Using the same brand of litter pellets, helps keep things consistent for your puppy. 

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