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The Puppy Selection Process

After the puppies are born, we begin the process of matching them to their new families. There are many factors that go into selecting a puppy: color, gender, temperament, etc.


Once a litter is born, we start at Spot #1 on our Master List and begin offering families the opportunity to select a puppy from that litter by email. You can choose to "accept" and enter the selection process or "defer" and apply your deposit towards a puppy in a future litter. If you choose to wait, you maintain your spot on the master Waiting List. We go down the list until we have assigned all selection spots (one selection spot for each puppy in the litter).

Temperament Evaluations

Around six weeks of age, the puppies undergo a Temperament Evaluation. This evaluation can give us an idea of a puppy's tendencies, temperament, and aptitude. While there is no guarantee that the temperament evaluation predicts their personality as an adult, we've found them to be pretty accurate. All of this information is compiled into a "Selection Slideshow" which is sent to families selecting from the litter in preparation for Selection Day!

Selection Day

Selection Day is a highlight in the Puppy Process! Fondly referred to as "Puppy Draft Day" due to its similarities to the NFL Draft, this is the day families officially choose their new family members! We offer in person visits (for families within driving distance) or virtual (facetime or zoom) for families located further away. This is a fun day and it is always exciting to see the perfect match between our puppies and their forever families! 

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