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Borders of Eby Eden

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bordoodles good with children?

YES!! We do our best to give our puppies exposure to children of all ages at a young age. Our own daughters grew up with border collies and often their herding instincts were present in keeping the kids out of trouble (such as from going down steps they weren't supposed to) the addition of the gentle and laid back personality of the poodles only helps! Bordoodles are excellent listeners and generally do well interacting with children.  Since we expose our puppies to both children and adults at a young age they are friendly and warm to people of all ages. 

Are bordoodles good with other dogs?

Bordoodles are friendly and interact well with other dogs. Our puppies come from  a home with multiple dogs and have been socialized with other puppies and dogs. Bordoodles tend to enjoy being leaders and their "herding instincts" are sometimes evident when interacting with other canines.

Are bordoodles registered? 

Bordoodles have not been accepted by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as an official breed, therefore they are not able to be registered at this time. 

Do you genetic test your dogs?

Yes! We strongly believe in genetically testing our dogs to prevent offspring with genetic defects. All of our Dogs have passed their genetic tests and are clear of all genetic traits and genes common in the Poodle or Border Collie breed. We are confident that we're providing you a healthy puppy, free of testable genetic conditions! As a result, all puppies come with the option for a two year health guarantee. 

How big will my bordoodle  become?

Each dog has a a different body and therefore has a different average body weight. The average bordoodle can be anywhere from 35-55 pounds and can vary by individual. We do our best to predict your puppy's adult weight, but ultimately all we can provide is an educated guess! 

Do Bordoodles shed?

Bordoodles are considered low-no shed and most people feel their bordoodles do not shed. 

I am interested in a service/support animal. Can your bordoodles be trained for this?

Bordoodles are excellent candidates for support/ service animals due to their intelligence. The combination of the poodle and border collie is considered the smartest hybrid in the world. Additionally, many of our studs have fathered puppies which are now used as support animals including dairy detection, gluten detection, seizure detection, and PTSD support. Ask us for more information on how a bordoodle can be trained for these special roles!

How much does a puppy cost? Is there an initial deposit?

All puppies (regardless of size, color, or gender) are $2750. We require a non-refundable $500 deposit to hold your puppy. We accept payments in the form of Paypal, Venmo, and cash. We do not accept personal checks as a payment form at this time. 

What are the steps to purchase a puppy?

We are excited you are interested in a bordoodle. They are awesome dogs and our family is excited for you to have a member of the Eby Eden family! The first step is to complete a Puppy Application from our website which gives us some information on you and your puppy's potential home. Once we receive and review your application we will be in contact to add your name to the deposit list and coordinate the receipt of your non-refundable deposit. Once a litter is born, you will have the opportunity to select your puppy in the order your deposit was received.  When the puppies arrive you will receive an email and have the opportunity to set up visits to Eby Eden. Puppies cannot be placed in their forever home until they are 8 weeks old. When the puppy has reached 8 weeks of age you can visit Eby Eden to pick him/her up or we can determine delivery options. The remainder of the purchase price is required upon pick-up or delivery. Your contact with us doesn't end there.. we will also add you to the Eby Eden Family facebook group where you can share pictures of your pup and watch for posts from Eby Eden! 

Do you ship? What is the cost to have my dog shipped to me?

Don't live in the Buckeye state? It's not a problem, we are more than happy to discuss shipping and delivery options with you. We offer shipping by ground or air transport. Additionally, we can meet you halfway within reason and subject to availability. Please contact us by email at with details so we can provide you with options.

What does my puppy come with?

All Borders of Eby Eden puppies come with a medical record and health clearance by a veterinarian, birth certificate, and a folder full of helpful information for you as your puppy transitions home. Your pup will also be sent home with some of his/her favorite homemade gourmet dog treats baked with love by Halle and a handmade blanket that has been with the puppy since birth. The scent on the blanket can be helpful in a smooth and comfortable transition for your puppy to it's new home. Once your puppy transitions to his forever home we are still available to answer questions and address your concerns. 

Have another question about anything we didn't answer here? Don't be afraid to contact us by email or contact Hannah at 330-464-9279. We will be glad to answer any questions you might have!