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Pet Insurance

Through an exciting partnership with Trupanion Pet Insurance, your puppy will leave Eby Eden with 30 days of free coverage by Trupanion! You have the opportunity to extend the coverage after the thirty days is passed with no waiting period. Trupanion covers 90% of any vet expenses not considered "wellness care". Puppies are clumsy, curious, and quick creatures and unexpected accidents can happen without it being anybody's fault. If your pup swallows a sock or breaks a bone, Trupanion will cover high-quality veterinary care for your puppy! This allows you to focus on your pups care rather than worrying about vet payment plans!


We love the peace of mind that comes with sending your puppy home with Trupanion Coverage. We know accidents happen (I'm a human Pediatric ICU Nurse :)) and having the coverage for the unexpected is so important! Since we've gone through an evaluation process with Trupanion, they are able to waive the waiting period since they know your pup is getting a healthy and safe start in life!


**We receive no compensation or kick-back from Trupanion.

You will receive the activation code for your puppy's insurance policy by email before he/she joins you!

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