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Guardian Home Program

At Borders of Eby Eden, we believe that each dog deserves individual time, love, and attention in a home setting! In order to create the highest quality bordoodle puppies for our customers, it is also necessary to carefully evaluate and add quality genetics to our breeding program. This means more dogs than we can handle as a family while giving them the level of love and attention they deserve! As a result, we have developed our Guardian Home program which allows us to place our puppies in screened and approved Guardian homes where they can receive the individual love, attention, and cuddles they deserve! We are always accepting applications for families interested in being considered as a guardian home.

How do I become a guardian home?

Our Guardian Home application can be found here. Filling out the application is the first step to be considered as a guardian home. We will contact you by email or phone to further discuss your application and any upcoming availability we may have for a guardian home. We view this as a very serious commitment and use an intense screening process as a result. Our dogs are not only an important part of our family, but a big investment. Our goal with the guardian home program is to find families who share our philosophy and understand the value we place on our dogs! Prior to the dog joining its Guardian Family, both parties will sign a mutually agreed upon “Guardian Home Contract”. 

What are the requirements of a guardian home?

  • In order to be considered as a Guardian Home, you must live within 2 hours of Creston, OH and be flexible to drop off and pick up the dog for        health testing, vet visits, breeding, and whelping puppies as needed.

  • You must not have any other intact (dogs that have not been spayed or neutered) in your home or that visit regularly.

  • Be prepared to provide references that can speak to your ability to safely care for a breeding dog while providing him/her a loving home.

  • Keep the dog safe and contained at all times (fenced yard, underground e-fence, etc.

  • Provide the dog with a nutritious and well-balanced diet (Life's Abundance or another agreed upon food based on the dog's nutritional needs).

  • Provide adequate exercise to your dog daily. It is the responsibility of the Guardian Home to ensure that the dog does not become overweight.

  • Socialize the dog with people and other dogs, following our recommendations and the Puppy Culture Protocol (if taking guardianship of the dog as a puppy).

  • All health testing and reproductive related expenses (supplements, ultrasounds/imaging, etc.) will be the responsibility of the breeder.

  • Provide basic training (leash training, crate/potty training, basic commands, etc.)

  • Keep the dog's coat free of mats and tangles,  have the dog groomed by a professional groomer as necessary (likely 4-6 times per year depending on the dog's coat).

  • Provide the dog with basic veterinary care including a yearly wellness exam, vaccinations according to the recommendations of our vet.

  • Provide the dog with preventative care including flea, tick, and heart-worm prevention.

  • Maintain coverage for the dog through an approved Pet Insurance (we recommend Trupanion). Any emergency non-breeding related vet expenses (i.e. the dog eats a sock and needs emergent surgery) are the responsibility of the guardian. Coverage by a Pet Insurance will help defray any emergency vet costs.

  • Through coaching/mentoring from Borders of Eby Eden learn to identify signs of the estrous cycle (heat) in female dogs. Contact Borders of Eby Eden immediately after signs of heat are identified. Be prepared to meet the breeder for breeding, prenatal appointments/testing, etc.

  • Notify the breeder of any travel plans and contact information for the person/boarding facility responsible for the dog during this time. The breeder may be able to board the dog (depending on dates/availability.

What are the requirements of the breeder?

  • The breeder will provide you a happy and healthy puppy.

  • All vet costs associated with reproduction including but not limited to health testing, progesterone testing, ultrasounds, x-rays, etc.

  • Spay or neuter the dog when they are deemed no longer a candidate for breeding (based on age, health status, etc.

  • Provide help, support, and clear communication to the Guardian Home.

What is the cost of a guardian puppy?

You will not be charged for the puppy. We view the Guardian Home Program as a partnership, you will receive a new forever family member (a high quality “pick of the litter” dog).  In exchange you will provide a dedicated and safe home to your puppy while maintaining clear communication and cooperation with us so that your dog can be a successful member of the Borders of Eby Eden breeding program!  Borders of Eby Eden will maintain ownership of the dog throughout his/her breeding years. Once the dog has been retired as a breeding dog, ownership will be transferred to you and the dog will be spayed or neutered at our expense.

How much time will the dog spend away from our family?

This depends on if you have a male or female dog. Male dogs will be used for breeding when a female is in heat. This will usually be at most a couple of days once or twice a month but will vary based on the female’s heat schedule. If you are the guardian family for a female dog, we will educate on the signs and symptoms of a heat schedule so that you can observe and identify these signs when the dog begins its heat cycle.  The dog will come to us during her heat cycle for breeding. The dog will spend her pregnancy with you (she will need to be seen by our vet for an ultrasound and x-ray during pregnancy) and come to us several days before her expected due date. She will whelp the puppies here at Eby Eden. Puppies learn so much about being a dog from their mother, receive important nutrition from breast milk, and much more. The dog will stay with us and her puppies until they are weaned (usually around 5-6 weeks of age). At that time, the dog can return to life with her forever family!

What kind of dogs are available to guardian homes?

The availability of dogs for placement in Guardian Homes will vary. We may have Bordoodles, Poodles, or Border Collies available for matching to Guardian Homes based on your preferences and what may be a good fit for your family.  The color, coat, etc will be determined by our breeding program and which dogs may be a fit based on temperament evaluation, coat color, genetic testing, etc.

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